Thursday, 19 April 2007


At this place I hope to be able to give the answers, ideas, or, options, that may help those who have the question, but, maybe through embarrassment, or, because they feel unable to ask people that they know, find hard to ask.

This is a new site, and at present, each item that you read below is a personal answer, and, may not be the correct answer, I hope that, over time, other views, and that means, YOURS, will be posted.

To make this place suitable for all visitors, of all age groups, and to be able to give answers to all types of questions, it requires your input, and that would be very much appreciated.

Please contact me by using the "leave a comment" below this post, or direct by e-mail, with, either, your anonymous question, or, your answer to an unasked question, or, any suggestions, ideas, or, comments, that you may have.

Thanks. Trevor.

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