Thursday, 19 April 2007



The loss of a loved one, a child, or, as in my loss, Sarah, my wife for forty years, is a pain that only those who experience bereavement can understand.

There are, of course, pills and potions that your medical doctor can prescribe, but these do nothing except on a temporary basis. The best thing that I did was to take up a pen and put down on paper my feelings, I promise you that it will help. The next best thing was to create a web site, and I hope that you will visit it. The site is non commercial, anonymous, and there is nothing to buy, you will find that you are not alone in your feelings of pain and despair, your feelings are natural and similar to many other bereaved persons.

My web site is neither "for" or "against" anything, and I have received several messages of thanks for the help that it gave to the visitors to the site, I am sure that, should you have a look and read "my story" it will help you.

The site is very best wishes go to you that you may soon find peace of mind, without forgetting, as you never forget.

Please read other posts on this site, and remember, it may be very helpful if leave a comment that may help someone else.

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